High Performance DC to DC Choke for Automotive Application
Cyntec has released all series molding type choke with AEC-Q200 qualified. In process design, we used wider and thicker lead frame to enhance the stressed vibration test. In material technique, we used metal powder to get better saturation & thermal dissipation with save more space, better EMI, higher temperature stability and lower acoustic noise. All of the series DC to DC molding type choke has begun in mass production and officially shipped now. The choke dimensions are from 13x13x6.5 to 6x6x3 mm3, and can be widely used for Back and Boost DC/DC Converter in automotive ECU.

Automotive Product Line
Part Number  Dimension(mm)  Inductance 
Range (μH)
DCR Range (mΩ) Heat Rating Current (A) Saturation 
Current (A)
VCMT063T 6.0 x 7.3 x 3.9 0.47~22 3.85~174 2.5~17 2.4~16.3
VCMT104T 10.3 x 11.2 x 4.0 0.36~47 1.2~188 3.0~37 2.4~16.3
VCMT136E 12.8 x 13.8 x 6.5 0.68~47 1.45~104 4.2~36.5 3.8~22

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