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With the technology advances, smart phones and wearable devices development, people have higher requirement in panel visual and image; The display resolution developed from QVGA (resolution 240X320) to the mainstream 4K (resolution 4096X3112). Besides, the screen size becomes larger, the weight beco
  The battery is very important for consumer portable device. Charging the battery is a big problem for everyone, so some companies develop high speed charging for smartphone. When charging current or voltage increases, they need the fuse to protect the battery. Based on this requirement, small
Cyntec announced the commercial release of the miniaturization, high frequency, high Q, thin film chip inductor, CAL0204 Series (0.4mmx 0.2mmx 0.2mm) for highly integrated, miniaturized mobile and wireless device applications. The CAL0204 series features high Q, low DC resistance, tight tolerance
Cyntec Co., LTD, Hsinchu, today announced the availability of an Advanced Design System (ADS) model library for Cyntec’s RF Chip inductors, CML0510 & CML0306 Series. The upgraded and further improved library works seamlessly with ADS 2011 and ADS 2009 Update 1, as well as prior ADS release
With expertise in the miniaturization technology, Cyntec has developed and produced a complete series of low profile (T=1.05 mm) and high stability FR-Protector (Fuse-Resistance Protector). The FR-Protector characterized with two protection functions for main application in lithium-ion battery pa
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